Our Solutions

Like our clients, our solutions are unique. Your business requires a marketing strategy that is customized to appeal to your particular client demographic – one that speaks to their needs in a decidedly non-cookie-cutter way.

Once we have learned about you and your business – what your goals are, where are your pain points, what keeps you up at night – we will work with you to develop good-better-best solutions that will address those needs.

And once we get rolling, you’ll be able to take advantage of our unique two-pronged implementation team approach to ensure your strategy is working optimally and delivering the results you need.  We’ll consult with you periodically to review how things are progressing, and make recommendations as we learn what makes your audience tick and how best to reach them.

Finally, you’ll benefit from the fact that our biggest client – the News & Observer – is the most trusted news organization in the Triangle.  Our bar for excellence and accuracy, therefore, is set pretty high.

We offer a full line of advertising products to put your company in front of the right sets of eyeballs.

Social Media and Search
Right now, potential customers are searching for your business online. And current customers are talking about you on social media. Our team will help you cut through the chatter – to engage those customers wherever they are, driving relevant traffic with the right keywords to get your message out clearly.

Digital & Print Products
Our award-winning print and digital products leverage the News & Observer’s commanding presence in local journalism. Websites, mobile apps, newspapers, magazines and special publications attract niche audiences and help you broaden your reach to a well-educated and affluent client base.

Direct Marketing
We distribute your custom printed message – flyers, inserts, jackets – through mail and direct delivery in our wide variety of direct marketing products. Need help creating it? We’re there for you too.

Targeted email blasts are a high-impact and economical addition to your demand generation activities. We can craft a compelling message and deliver it to both broad and microtargeted audiences in your demographic. We can also provide respondent contact information to further your own in-house marketing efforts.

Video is most effective when people watch it. How do you get potential customers to watch yours? Our team will help you choose among video banners, pre-roll ads on video networks, or full-site video takeovers on the Triangle Online Network, to make sure your message is seen.

Digital Audience
Did you ever want to put your message in front of every web and mobile user in the US? Or maybe just all potential buyers within two miles of your store? We can do that, too. Even better, we’ll optimize your media spend and campaign to deliver the highest-yielding traffic to your site or store.